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Customer Experience (CX) is all about living your why (purpose) and providing meaningful and memorable experiences for your customers. Not occasionally, but consistently. People are the experience, and experience is the marketing! A clear focus on creating memorable experiences for your customers is essential to stand out from your competition and really make a difference. Do you want to turn your customers into happy fans? Be(come) an Experience STAR!

About the Experience STARs program

The high intensity 2-hour Experience STARs Energizer* helps people to be(come) more aware of their own behavior in relation to customer experience by ‘experience-based’ learning. Stimulation STAR behavior to create memorable experiences for your customer and go (way) beyond customer satisfaction!

Surprising is about exceeding expectations. When customers get what is expected, the experience then becomes an everyday satisfactory transaction, which is basically nothing more than having a reason not to complain. By exceeding expectations, you surprise your customers and create memorable experiences. Experiences which will be shared!

Touching means making your interaction, assistance, and delivery personal. It is about making an emotional connection, which becomes a cherished memory.

Assisting in this context, is about truly helping customers and making a difference for them. Going beyond routine, standards and procedures by offering the best solution for your customers. Each and every one of them.

Recognizing is about understanding who your customers really are. It is about reading your customers, listening to what they say and don’t say. Understanding their mood, knowing what they need and expect from you.

*The Energizer has been scripted for groups of 12-20 participants, but can easily be used for groups up to 150 participants with some minor adjustments in the execution of the exercises.

After completing The Experience STARs Energizer, participants will be fully aware of the importance of customer experience. They will learn to go beyond customer satisfaction and improvise to provide authentic experiences for their customers which are Surprising, Touching, Assisting, and Recognizing.

The Experience STARs package includes:

  • Experience STARs Movie (11,3 minutes)
  • Start Reverse Prologue video (1,3 minutes)
  • Experience STARs The Energizer* Facilitator Guide (scripted)
  • Experience STARs Playbook (participant booklet)

A Reverse Thinking Philosophy program:

Experience STARs is based on the game-changing Reverse Thinking & Engineering Philosophy, recommended by Joe Pine (author of The Experience Economy) and John Christensen (founder of the FISH! Philosophy). The Reverse Thinking philosophy is used by game-changing organizations all over the globe like Adidas, Selina Hotels, IKEA, Le Pain Quotidien, Microsoft, CizitenM Hotels, Bose, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nespresso and many many more. Reverse Thinking helps them to transform their business into memorable experiences for their customers. Do you want to be a (customer experience) game-changer too?

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Guides & Workbooks

Download Experience STARs Facilitator Guide
Download Experience STARs Participants Playbook

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