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Deliver Outstanding Customer Service!
Customer Experience (CX) is all about living your why (purpose) and providing meaningful and memorable experiences for your customers. Not occasionally, but consistently. People are the experience, and experience is the marketing! A clear focus on creating memorable experiences for your customers is... read more
Featured Programs New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only
Attitude Changes Everything
A Simple Way to More Happiness, Enthusiasm and Positivity At Work and In LifeOUR ATTITUDE IS EITHER WORKING FOR US OR AGAINST US AND WE DETERMINE WHICH EVERYDAYSam Glenn opens up about his own battles with keeping the right attitude. Most people assume that when you have been speaking on the topic o... read more
Be Your Own Real Life Superhero
Core Values That Empower Everyday People To Be Extraordinary In Life And WorkSam's BEST SELLING BOOK for Team, Staff, Office, Employee Engagement - Be Your Own “Real Life” SuperheroIf anyone knows how to create engagement in the workplace, it’s Sam Glenn. He has won several national awards for his t... read more
Life is Better When You're Laughing
Lighten Up, Be Happy and Become Better Looking in the ProcessNeed A Good Laugh? A Feel Good Laugh? Get This Book!Sometimes All It Takes is A Little Humor and A Good Laugh to Make Life Better. While this isn’t a joke book, we think it will make you have more than a few really good laughs. This is the... read more
Not All Superheroes Wear Capes
A Collection of Super Awesome and Inspiring QuotesWhile Not All Superheroes Wear Capes...They Sure Love SUPER QUOTES! If you love incredible quotes, you will love this book! This is a collection of super quotes from real life superheroes who don’t wear capes. Their words are timeless and will inspir... read more
EPIC Leadership
How to Engage, Inspire and Empower Leaders in Your Organization
Reverse your leadership to boost employee engagement!Employee Engagement is the main driver for your organization to be able to deliver great customer service. Research from Gallup shows that only 13% of all employees worldwide are truly engaged at work. It also shows that companies with engaged emp... read more
Featured Programs New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only
Social Media at Work
Technology cannot be avoided—few of us could get our jobs done without it. But it needs to be used wisely and appropriately.
Social media is everywhere—including our workplaces. While it can serve useful business purposes, it can also open the door to hackers, circulate rumors and abusive comments, create public relations nightmares, and be a real drag on productivity. In fact, many employees spend up to two hours every w... read more