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Reverse your leadership to boost employee engagement!

Employee Engagement is the main driver for your organization to be able to deliver great customer service. Research from Gallup shows that only 13% of all employees worldwide are truly engaged at work. It also shows that companies with engaged employees perform up to 200% better than those without. So that brings up the question: what are the keys to employee satisfaction? How do you transform co-workers into brand ambassadors and into leaders? 

We all know one or two people who really made the difference in our professional career. Now ask yourself the question: what did they do that made the difference for me? Great leaders Empower by transferring power and their tem up to succeed. Great leaders share their Purpose and Inspire people to connect to it. And great leaders will Coach you to get the best out of yourself. Great leaders are EPIC leaders!

About the Introduction to EPIC Leadership program:

Being an EPIC leader is not a matter of luck, or something genetic. It is something you can learn! This high intensity, introduction to EPIC Leadership training will help your participants develop purpose-driven, inspiring and coaching leadership skills within their organization. All learnings can be applied in practice the day after the training! 

Empower - Experience empowerment and the effect on your team. Learn how empowering others builds engagement. Discover how it makes you grow, which in turn makes your team grow!

Purpose-Driven - Uncover why/purpose and how to apply this to both personal and business. Learn and share personal values and how they work within a team. Be able to live and lead according to your purpose.

Inspire - Get inspired and be able to inspire others through different means. Learn how to lead based on true authenticity and true to self. Identify what goes into inspiring your team.

Coach - Understand the impact of coaching leadership and learn how to apply this in your own team and/or organization. Be able to adapt to different generations and target groups.

The EPIC Leadership package includes:

  • EPIC Leadership Movie (17 minutes)
  • Start Reverse Prologue video (1.5 minutes)
  • Introduction to EPIC Leadership Facilitator Guide (scripted)
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Participant Materials

EPIC Leadership is a ‘Reverse Thinking Philosophy’ program: EPIC Leadership is based on the game-changing Reverse Thinking & Engineering Philosophy, recommended by Joe Pine (author of The Experience Economy) and John Christensen (founder of the FISH! Philosophy). The Reverse Thinking philosophy is used by game-changing organizations all over the globe like Adidas, Selina Hotels, IKEA, Le Pain Quotidien, Microsoft, CizitenM Hotels, Bose, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nespresso and many many more. Reverse Thinking helps them to tranform their employees into brand ambassadors and deliver memorable experiences to their customers. Do you want to be a (customer experience) game-changer too?

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Guides & Workbooks

Facilitator Guide Full Session
Introduction PowerPoint (PDF version)
Facilitator Guide 2 Hour Session
Introduction PowerPoint Slides

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