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Peter Glen is an outspoken advocate of customer rights and service. Peter saw the need for a revolution in service while he was attending high school in Michigan and working as a clerk in a small-town jewelry store. One summer a theater group came to town and when they left, Peter went with them. At the University of Arizona, he became an actor.

He soon realized that "retailing is theater." He returned to Michigan to run the family factory store, where he developed unusual techniques for selling, presentation, and service. And he sold sportswear on the road in Georgia and Alabama.

Discovering that fulfillment did not lie in selling sportswear in the South, Peter went to Australia. There, for the next two years, he traveled thousands of miles throughout the South Pacific presenting unique fashion shows and motivating sales people in stores.
Being successful in Australia doesn’t guarantee you anything in New York. Peter discovered this when he returned home and established his own business, Peter Glen Inc. No one would hire him. Peter had forty-five interviews with moguls in the fashion industry. No one would hire him.
Just before starving or, worse yet, having to consider getting a regular job, Peter was hired by a risk-taking children’s-wear manufacturer to entertain and motivate department store salespeople at one of its premier accounts, Rich’s in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fueled by excitement and despair, the presentation was such a success that the store itself immediately hired Peter to present seminars to all of its stores. The next year, Peter performed in twenty leading department stores. It soon became clear that what worked to motivate retailers also worked for manufacturers, airlines, hotels, banks, hospitals, schools, and any other business in which money is exchanged by customers for service.

During the last twenty-five years, Peter has traveled, explored, photographed, prepared, and presented ideas and inspiration. He has given over twenty-five hundred performances to more than a million people. Peter reaches still others through videotapes and writing, and is recognized as America’s foremost customer.

Peter’s presentations change with events, which should teach providers to react to changing customer interests and demands. His ambition is constant, however: to motivate the fight to do the best one can for the improvement of both business and life. Peter endeavors to inspire the business of business and is currently concerned with the quality of service to the earth.

As the standards of service and the quality of life decline, the necessity of bringing customers and providers of services closer together for their common good is more urgent than ever before.
The way to raising the standards of customer service requires nothing less than a revolution in attitudes and commitment. Peter Glen believes that when this revolution is finally accomplished, the way to a better existence will have been discovered to be through service to the world, through caring and involvement and action, and by living every day of our lives.

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Adventures in Sales, Service, and Self-Esteem
Motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service. You'll be entertained with animation, music and effects as you learn six key lessons.  Bonus material on angry customers.
Do you need to motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service? Are you looking for good ideas to make your customers happier? Are you looking for a way to deal with angry customers?If you are, then you need Adventures in Sales, Service and Self-Esteem. You’ll be entertaine... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Customer Service: OR ELSE
Watch this "call to arms" as told by an insightful and at times outrageous performer. Using examples of good and bad service, Glen shows you how to create Great Service.
In this five-part video, author and motivational speaker Peter Glen takes you on a journey into the world of customer service. Watch this call to arms as told by an insightful and at times outrageous performer. Using examples of good and bad service, Customer Service Or Else shows you how to create ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only