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From his original appearance in "In Search of Excellence," Stew Leonard has been known as a leader in customer service. His videos include It’s Shotwime and In Search of Excellence.

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In Search of Excellence with Tom Peters
The In Search of Excellence DVD is one of the all time classic training films. Case studies from Disney, 3M, Stew Leonard’s, North American Tool & Die, and others give insights into excellence and customer service.
Motivate your employees to be more innovative, responsive and committed than ever before! The In Search of Excellence video is one of the best selling training programs of all time.  As you watch this intriguing and inspiring program - Tom Peters and Bob Waterman are your hosts and guides for a far-... read more
Featured Programs DVD style course with completion certificate only
It's Show Time!
It’s motivational! It’s fun to watch! It’s about customer service and attitude! It’s a best seller! It’s Showtime!
It's Show Time! is a look at customer service and corporate culture from Stew Leonard's Dairy in Norwalk, Connecticut - which has long been recognized as a leader in service. In the program, you'll witness how success has to do with consistent excellence-the ability to inspire hundreds of team membe... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only