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There’s only one Morris Massey! With humor and candor, Dr. Massey cuts to the heart of our cultural taboos to demonstrate how myths about Sex, Ethnicity and Age (S-E-A) sabotage our personal and professional relationships. Help team members develop shared values by recognizing their homegrown prejudices and accepting those of others.

Unlike any other video, Flashpoint, triggers a test of reality signaling organizations and individuals of their potential in the new millennium.

Coming from 20+ years of helping millions better understand themselves, Morris Massey opens a flood of penetrating insights with a "S-E-A" view of contemporary values, conflicts and human behaviors. In a provocative blend of humor, directness, and honesty, the myths and taboos surrounding Sex - Ethnicity - and Age are pulled back in a distinctive, irreverent dissection of "Diversity" and "Values."


Stuck in your quality improvement efforts? Are you discovering that, when humans are involved, logic is not always persuasive or that "change would be easy if it weren’t for all the people?" Are you ready for truthful, honest dialogue regarding the cultural (both work and personal) issues of quality? If so, I highly suggest that you at least preview these exciting (and to some, they will be mildly upsetting) videos. In quality transformation efforts at my institution, I have incorporated these two (Just Get It! and Flashpoint: When Values Collide) along with materials by Autry, Ralston, Smith and Turner into a "human elements of transformation" seminar that has been most enthusiastically received.

This package includes the video and a leader’s guide.

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