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Cultivate your critiquing skills and make feedback a winning part of your business strategy!

No feedback is good feedback. Wrong! In fact, absolutely no feedback is the worst kind of feedback of all.

Even harsh feedback helps to measure progress and improvements. And good business depends on it! However balancing critical feedback with the right amount of praise is what most people in the workplace need to work on.

In this continuous communication improvement training program, you'll see how to exercise the four elements (giving feedback, soliciting feedback, receiving feedback and self-evaluation) that make the feedback process useful.

You'll Learn To:

  • Offer honest feedback that's systematic, logical and caring
  • Correctly point out specific needs for improvement using "I"
  • Ask the kinds of questions that will result in helpful feedback
  • Take self-inventory with your "Credibility Checklist"
  • Adapt the four characteristics that convey credibility to others

Purchase Includes:

  • Feedback Skills for Supervisors DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Feedback Skills for Supervisors booklet