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What is ultimate success? No one is really sure and for everyone it is surely different. Is it great wealth, good health and true happiness? Or is it some combination of each? Could it be "a win" with the next business deal or an extended vacation with our family that makes us feel successful? No matter what, we are all looking to become more successful than we are.

In How To Achieve Ultimate Success, Dr. Paul Timm presents a psychologically sound approach to help you reach the ultimate success you desire in both your business and personal life.

"There are things we can all do to take charge of our success", says Dr. Timm. This training program and book present a sensible and logical way to apply the skills associated with human effectiveness.

The program looks at the five building blocks to success. They include:

  • Perspective and how we view control
  • Purpose, clarifying our values and aligning our activities
  • Personality, determining how assertive and receptive we really are
  • Planning, setting goals
  • Productivity, beating the time wasters that keep us from success

Plus, you'll learn to evaluate the balance or lack of balance in your life on the wellness wheel and how this directly affects your success.

Can anyone guarantee you success? Of course not. However, we can tell you that if you follow this system you can't help but improve your professional and personal life. This program is a must for any organization.

Purchase Includes:

  • How To Achieve Ultimate Success DVD (45 Minutes)
  • How To Achieve Ultimate Success book

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