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The controversial message of the Tom Peters video program Innovate Or Die may unnerve and/or inspire you:

It’s pretty simple. The truth is we know nothing about what the Future may hold for American business. The only mortal sin in such an environment of uncertainty is to do nothing.

Action counts. Even misdirected action. Just so long as you are moving fast!

"If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less."

- General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff U.S. Army

The key to future success no matter how industries shake out is creating a corporate environment that:

  • Encourages curiosity
  • Nurtures research and development
  • Goes beyond empowerment to equipping workers to run their own micro-businesses to better serve their customer base
  • Implements innovative ideas, even at great risk for failure
  • Promotes a Professional Service Firm approach to every task in every department
  • Creates systems that are "beautiful," and not simply technologically adroit
  • Pushes beyond TQM and into realms of excellent design and passionate customer service takes decisive action NOW!

In Innovate or Die, Tom Peters explores with his usual dynamic style the need for organizations to constantly change, innovate, and radically adapt in order to stay competitive. He introduces his concept of Circle of Innovation, a roadmap for getting from "static here" to "innovative there."


  • Understand the importance of innovation as a business and strategic tool
  • Motivate your employees around the importance of speed
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