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How to Promote Innovative Thinking at Your Company

Most companies begin with a great idea.
Nonetheless, these days one great idea is not enough. Your company must continually innovate if it’s going to thrive.

How can you get your team to continually come up with new ideas for products and services? Find out in Getting the Light Bulb to Click.

You will travel to the Innovative Thinking Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once there, you will meet with the leading experts on innovation: Richard Foster, Nuala Beck, George Stalk and Ely Callaway.

You’ll also visit three companies that have developed processes to foster creativity. They are Chrysler Corporation’s large-car division; Welch Allyn, a maker of cutting-edge medical and video imaging devices; Church & Dwight, the manufacturer of Arm & Hammer household products.


"Getting the Light Bulb to Click has broad appeal and real value. It is excellent supplemental material for strategy and training sessions for senior management, marketing, product development, and customer service teams." - TRAINING MEDIA REVIEW


Key Learning Points

  • Learn how to find new uses for existing products
  • Foster an environment where innovation thrives
  • Develop a management style that brings out the best in others
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