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Paws and learn The Bear Essentials of Business!

Travel to Shelburne, Vermont and take an inside look at what makes the Vermont Teddy Bear Company one of the nation's most famous and successful companies. See how it really cares about its customers and its employees.

Bear with us and learn:

  • Why the customer comes first and is always number one.
  • Why it's important to be dynamic and creative to truly make a difference.
  • Why it is important to have a "Yes, we can," attitude.
  • How teamwork can really make a difference.
  • Why it's critical to recognize the worth of your customers and fellow employees.
  • How having fun really makes a difference...right down to the bottom line!
  • And this is just the bear beginning!

Loaded with humor, animation and critical information. The BEAR Essentials of Business is educational, entertaining and is truly repeatable. Make it part of your training library today!

Purchase Includes:

  • The BEAR Essentials of Business DVD (19 Minutes)
  • 60-page Facilitator's Guide
  • CD with a PowerPoint and reproducible training materials

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