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Are underdeveloped communication skills holding YOU back?

One of the biggest mistakes we make each day at work and in our homes is to under estimate the power of communication. We simply take for granted that communication really is a tool, and that it can help make or break us.

This training program shows us how our daily communication skills can dramatically propel us to new levels of success. You'll get an inside-out look at the two basic categories of communication:

Internal - the voice within

Interpersonal - listening and dealing with others

Each category is explored in detail to help advance your understanding of how to create effective communication. You'll Learn To:

  • Realize that people communicate for two different reasons
  • Reverse destructive self-talk and shape your self-esteem
  • Use the BE-DO-ACHIEVE-NEW-BE cycle to build up internal communication
  • Guide yourself away from distorted thinking, and generalizing
  • Channel received feedback into positive actions toward improvement
  • Become a better retentive listener

Purchase Includes:

  • Communication Skills That Build Winning Relationships DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Communication Skills booklet

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