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When Email Just Isn't Enough

Have you ever sent an e-mail to a customer notifying them that there was a problem? If so then you know it can often engender a nasty response or an angry phone call.

Communication blunders are common in the workplace and they can impact your business and your customers. Your ability to effectively communicate will directly affect your success at your job.

The Communication Lab 2.0 DVD will show how a phone call is a much better method of delivering bad news to a customer rather than via e-mail. Customers want results not bad news. Most customers will prefer having a telephone conversation to receive that bad news. That way you will have the opportunity to:

  • Talk Through The Problem
  • Listen To The Customers Frustrations
  • Offer Alternatives or Solutions

The Communication Lab 2.0 video also provides you and your team with basic guidelines for e-mail etiquette. E-mails are different from text messages, and so should be written differently. The Communication Lab 2.0 training program will provide your team with a fun and humorous way to improve the quality of customer communications.

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