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Baptist Health Care ranked in the 10th percentile in customer satisfaction just a few years ago. Now they are ranked #1 in an independent survey of over 600 hospitals! Their incredible turnaround makes for one of the greatest customer service stories ever told. This program offers real-life examples of service excellence. Your audience will be watching the story of one of the greatest service turnarounds ever.

At #10 on Fortune's best workplaces list, they figured out how to be one of the most effective service providers anywhere, any industry. Their main secret is really just common sense: everybody can make a difference and is expected to do so. Watch how they did it and apply their lessons to your own organization!

Key Learning Points

  • Be ready for moments of truth
  • Achieve through change
  • Always think "customer"
  • Find a way to make a difference
  • Teamwork works
  • Everyone must be involved, everyone!
  • Be a service hero

This program is part of the Customer Service Training Series, which is available with discounted pricing.

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